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"Best Yoga Retreats" Affordable Yoga Retreats Dharamshala. includes- daily 2 Yoga and 2 Meditation Classes. Trekking, Sightseen, Yoga Philosophy, Anatomy, Bhajan, Kirtan with Organic Food & Room.

These days "Best Yoga Retreats' is getting famous and practiced by most people. Yoga is very beneficial for our physical as well as our mental health, Yoga is a way to a healthy body, and healthy life is very important for work, tour etc. Each Yoga posture has its own benefits for a particular part of the body, which helps to maintain each part of the body nicely. Not Yoga but diet is also very important, it must be satvik means - with no egg, no meat and no onion garlic, even no alcohol, smoking and drugs. We must keep our diet simple.

Yoga helps in attaining mental peace, and meditation helps us in contacting with universe positive energies. Yoga makes our body flexible, healthy, fit, strong and fine. When we practice yoga it sweats and makes our body clean and germ free even helps in maintaining our body posture.

"Best Yoga Retreats" Meditation Courses

When we practice meditation for even 5 minutes in the evening after a long hard day then meditation helps us to attain peace and mental satisfaction.

In our Om Yoga Ashram we will provide you well certified teachers to help you in Yoga and meditation, our "Best Yoga Retreats' is situated in a very peaceful place.

Mornings with birds singing and evenings with sunset. Sound of water and beautiful nature. 

You can go for  local sightseeing like for trekking in Triund, and for sightseeing you can visit Norbulinka , Dalai Lama temple, tea garden, Bhagsu waterfall etc. 

We serve our meal three times, and our food is pure satvik. Yoga originated in ancient India, it is the medicine for every disease.

Yoga is an art . It includes many asanas and pranayamas. It purifies the body and relaxes the mind, yoga makes the body flexible and healthy.

Yoga helps in controlling blood pressure , it builds muscle strength and flexibility. Helps our heart, it helps in breathing.

And in our Om Yoga Ashram you can practice Yoga and Meditation with a well certified teacher which will help you and even tell you about the tiny mistakes made by beginners in posture.


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