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Best and Affordable Yoga Retreats at Om Yoga Ashram Dharamshala Himachal India.

YOGA is very beneficial for our body, it keeps our body healthy and flexible. It provides immunity to our body which helps us fight any disease or sickness. By doing YOGA you can keep your body flexible you can provide stamina and power can keep your body healthy even if you are old. not only YOGA but meditation also helps to provide mental peace, it helps you to know about yourself and helps clear your doubts. By doing meditation you learn to connect with the universe and your inner self, you learn to control your emotions and to be strong. After doing meditation not only yours but you will be able to solve others' problems also. Sound healing- is a scanning of your inner self by which if you are confused about what is your powers and weaknesses, it not a problem your doubts will be solved you'll be getting mentally tough, and you will know about your chakras which chakra is strong and which one is weak, your guru will help you to make your weak chakras strong and will help you to know about yourself…

Best and Affordable Yoga Retreats at Om Yoga Ashram Dharamshala India.
Best and Affordable Yoga Retreats

Best and Affordable Yoga Retreats - You can learn

Best and Affordable Yoga Retreats provides you best 200 hours or 300 hours of Yoga teacher training courses, if you are not interested in yoga so you can learn different kinds of meditation and sound healing courses, OM YOGA ASHRAM provides you with an internationally certified yoga teacher certificate through which in whatever country you want to become yoga teacher you can be, you can teach yoga in other countries.

  • In this place, you can attain mental peace and satisfaction, and you can enjoy the beauty of nature and a beautiful sunset, at 6:00 in the morning the beautiful sound of birds and at night the peaceful sound of water will relax you all day tiredness. The view of the Himalayas and the snow in winter will satisfy you.

  • You can go to local sightseeing eg:- rivers, mountains, temples, monasteries, and tea gardens.

  • If you come here you will feel like it's your new home and you have a new family, you will become so Frank with the staff of the Ashram that you'll become a part of the OM YOGA ASHRAM family.

Contact- Om Yoga Ashram, Near Dal Lake, Dharamshala, Himachal, India.

Web- Mob- 9816494732, 9805693514


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