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Yoga can not be performed. it can be lived.

Yoga Today, Yoga is worldwide it is especially practiced in Western countries. Yoga is an ancient, physical, mental, and spiritual practice that is practiced till now. It is important in everyone's life. It helps in balancing the relationship between mind and body. Yoga consists of many postures (asana) different asana is beneficial for different parts of the body and makes the body fit and healthier it provides immunity. the body so the body can fight any disease.

Yoga is a Sanskrit language word that means union and discipline, yoga is the best ancient Indian practice with many benefits. It improves our flexibility, develops patience of a higher level, and helps in developing self-discipline and self-awareness. It improves the health of the heart by helping to circulate blood easily.

Om Yoga Ashram - Yoga Retreat Himalayas

Yoga is not only a physical practice it also helps humans to get control over mental, emotional, and spiritual thoughts. Yoga improves the health of body and soul, millions of people across the globe are practicing yoga to get a healthy and longer life. Yoga also includes breathing exercises (pranayam) which help to take control over our breath and make our mind and soul relaxed. It helps to reduce daily stress levels. Live a healthier life, ensures that the. The body functions properly. A human of every age group can practice Yoga even children but some asanas without the help of a guide can cause permanent injury, and to practice Yoga Om Yoga Ashram provides well-certified Yoga teachers with will help you to practice Yoga safely and correctly, some people even tiny mistakes in common Yoga postures, which can later effect your body postures and so you should do yoga with a guide.

Om Yoga Ashram for Yoga, Meditation, Reiki, Sound Healing and Hindi Language

Om Yoga Ashram is situated in a peaceful place without the noise of vehicles honking or hawkers, the peace will help you to focus on the Yoga nicely even meditation becomes easy in a peaceful environment. It helps to attain mental peace and yo connect yourself with the positive energy of the universe. We provide pure veg food, and no alcohol or smoking is allowed in Om Yoga Ashram, you can enjoy the local sites and trekking, the view of sunset and mountains, the rivers and the forest, and the weather of this place (Dharamshala) is very nice but a bit colder. Every evening at 7:00 Pm we do prayer and it is a part of bhakti Yoga, we play instruments such as dholki, tabla, etc:-. We sing bhajans and do aarti. If you come here then you'll become a member of our Om Yoga Ashram family… Thanks, Dharamshala, Himachal, India.

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