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  The Best Yoga Ashram In Dharamsala India

The Home Place of Dalai Lama

Students in ashram Dharamsala

Jade Calefornia

Om Yoga Ashram is a beautiful oasis of peace and spiritual energy, just outside of the busy bustling town of McLeod Ganj, Dharamshala, It is near Dal Lake and is in a nature setting situation right on a beautiful river. The natural sounds of running water and birds singing sets the mood for meditation. Yoga classes are taught daily as well as all aspects of Yoga and Reiki. This is a family run Yoga Ashram where one can experience the true spirit of India and Yoga. It is the perfect place to be immersed in the devotion of Hindu culture that Yoga comes from. Singing Bhajans and Kirtan are a daily activity to enjoy. Fun sports games can also be played on the grounds and beautiful trails for trekking in the surrounding mountains are just a moment away. There are gardens growing fresh produce that adds a special quality to the tasty vegetarian meals that are available from the Yoga Ashram kitchen. Colorfully decorated clean rooms with private bathrooms and western toilets are available to stay in to enjoy all the benefits of this wonderful Om Yoga Ashram begin In McLeod Ganj Dharamsala offering Yoga teacher training and Yoga classes many years ago. I had the pleasure of attending their Yoga Teacher Training Course in 2012 and am so happy to return to see the blessing of expansion of their Yoga Center now including the Yoga Ashram near Dal Lake. This is a true proof of the sincerity of their life paths as Yoga teachers, sharing the treasure of Yoga and all aspects of their Hindu Culture with yogis and aspiring yogis worldwide. I can see even more beautiful blessing for Om Yoga Ashram and for all who are lucky to come here now and in the future..

Yoga Student Yoga Training

Kaila Mai Australia

I felt so blessed to have chosen Om Yoga Ahram out of the large variety of Yoga schools in India. I was sure to choose Dharamsala as the location as it is the Yoga Capital of the world and its the most divine, peaceful place, yet full of travelers and amazing people to meet. There is chanting and praying to go on all the time and you feel blessed and divine constantly. But

Om Yoga Ashram makes the experience complete. It was outstanding and beyond my expectations. The Yoga studio is large, and beautiful, set right on the Waterfall so you can look at Water as you do yoga, it is magical. The Yoga Ashram accommodation provided is probably the best you can find, clean rooms with wifi, comfortable yet basic enough to experience a bit of the true yogic life, rooms are spacious and have balconies. The meals are all provided and are healthy and filling, buffet style :) tea is available almost at any time of the day. And finally the Yoga teachers; the teachers at Om Yoga Ashram are professional and best in their field, we had many different classes along with Yoga Asana classes, including philosophy, anatomy and more, all Yoga teachers were amazing, engaging and full of knowledge, I got exactly what I needed and much more at the Yoga course and I am sure to return to Om Yoga Ashram for my 200 hours Yoga. I guarantee this is the way to go if you want to learn the roots of Yoga yet be able to teach in the West too. Swami Rashpal does an amazing job combing traditional & modern Yoga and making the Yoga course fit any type of student with or without previous experience.

om yoga ashram

Rachel USA

I love the place that we having our Yoga course at

Om Yoga Ashram in Dharamsala- The world capital of yoga. Scenically located where the Holy Place in the Himalayas. , also known as the “Place of Sagas” is a spiritual town surrounded by scenic beauty of the hills on three sides and fresh air here. Dharamshala is a vegetarian city We have very delicious food in the Yoga ashram, from morning breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner are all cook for yogic diet, healthy and yummy :) I met a lot of nice people from all around the world during my Yoga course, my Yoga course mate, my teacher, the friendly staffs here and the swami ji, they have a very nice smiling face always especially the founder of this Yoga school~ Swami Rashpal, he always spreading the positive energy to the people surrounding him... OM... a blissful place you would love to be...


Monika  Spain

Please make your yoga pilgrimage to Om Yoga Ashram, located in Dharamsala. I have studied with the founder of this Yoga training center and I recommend his Yoga teachings as well as the well-rounded program offered to prepare future Yoga teachers around the globe. The program consists of Ashtanga Yoga (Mysore style), Hatha Yoga (North Indian Style) & Sivananda Yoga Asana. All aspects of yoga, including Kriyas, Mantra, Pranayama, Philosophy, etc, are taught by awesome Yoga teachers and the content is comprehensive and sound. The yoga hall is the most beautiful hall I have practiced yoga, and the facilities, food, and staff are excellent. I look forward to returning to Om Yoga Ashram for more training. Om.

ASHRAM Yoga Training

David & Sara USA

Learning, studying and sharing with Om Yoga Ashram was, to say the least, an incredible life-altering experience. The professors, yoga teachers, and swamis were highly knowledgeable and very committed to helping each and every Yoga student along with their yogic path. The location in Dal Lake (near Mcleodganj) Dharamsala was spectacular - - you are right on the Mother Waterfall! The studios are a dream to practice and learn in and the Yoga ashram (one old and one new) offer both practicality, beauty, and yogic cultural experience. I did the 300-hour Yoga program with them and plan to return for, shall we say tune-ups along the way. Loved every minute of my Yoga training with them and strongly recommend that you get down in your dog and sign up with them to begin your exciting new life-altering journey.

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